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Yesh yesh. Why am I updating...? Hmm... I think I might put the next uncensored chapter up. Chapter 2 could use a bit more description, says I. So yeah, I'll edit that and probably post it later today. Not that anyone's interested. Most of the people who I know here have already read Bloodstains on fictionpress.com.

But bananas, I'm bored. And feeling random. And in the mood for a chocolate milkshake. You won't believe it. THERE ARE NO CHOCOLATE SHAKES HERE IN THIS COUNTRY!!! *dies * and I'm craving one like crazy. TT_______TT oh pain!

Hmm... earlier my dad said I could get some more songs for my IPod. OH! I FOUND IT! Yeah, yeah, I'm irresponsible and I lost my IPod, but it is now officially recovered. ^_________^ I'm so happy, it was in the car, stuck between the carseat and something that I don't know what to call. Oh well, moving on. I need some new songs but I'm having some trouble deciding which ones to get. Can anyone help? Do any of y'all know any good songs?

Umm...oh PERFECT! The milkshake craving is back. Maybe I'll go look for a strawberry one? Eewww, all they have here are avacado milkshakes or something nasty like that. I seriously  need to go home. To GA, I mean. This place isn't considered home yet. Wait... I think I've been here for 9 months? Excuse my horrible math; I am not good with numbers.

Yeah, this pointless rant is over. I think I should be getting back to writing. I haven't done anything in 4 days. Feel free to give me a cy ber throttle, punch, kick, or anything you want; I'm not exactly picky.

~The Queen of Procrastination


Virginia Tech Massacre

When I heard about what happened last Tuesday I was in shock. When I read the reports on Yahoo! and CNN I was in shock. When I found out that my aunt was present during the shooting I was in shock.

I saw some pictures and I can't believe what actually happened. It seems like I'm so far away and I felt that I heard about it too late and after everyone else did. So I'm posting this to honor those who were killed and to those who suffer from loss.

God bless and Rest In Peace.

Bloodstains Chapter 1

Hello y'all! So yes, I've decided that I'm posting my story here. All comments are welcome and greatly appreciated, let me know what you think. Oh, and some of you may notice that this is a little different from the fictionpress.com version. This version is the rewrite, like, the edited one. So feel special that you're able to read the better quality one here. xD Um... actually, I may be using LJ to post the Author's cuts. There's more cussing in this one, and maybe some more mature themes like violence and some scenes you won't see on fictionpress.com.


ok, so i do not say "howdy". and i don't usually do this LJ sort of thing. yeah, um... cherry made this acount for me. *hope you don't mind that i changed the layout!*

well, about me: i love to write although the first chapters of my story need a serious rewrite. -_- i'm ashamed to read them now. but anyways, i won't claim to be a good writer because i know i have a long way to go. *no comments pleeeeease!* i love art but i suck at it. i love music and love to sing (again i'm not claiming to be good) meh... i play violin but there are so many of my friends that are better than me. hmm... this is rather depressing, isn't it? well, that's how it's been since i moved. dude, i wanna go home! and everyone i never got to say goodbye to then i'm giving you a heartfelt cyber greeting *hugs*

man, i miss you guys.

but whatever, i'm thinking of posting my story here. it's called "Bloodstains". about vampires, elves and all that stuff. there's magic, a hell of a confusing love triangle, and oh yeah, a vampire that wants to rule the world. 

meh... it's better than what i make it sound like. oh and for the record: Torin is MINE. he's my favorite character. xD *hugs to death* oops.

um... i'm getting off tangent now, aren't i? there are better times to express my affection for a certain vampire. even if he sometimes is an asshole. ^____^  just kidding Torin! me and Myja love you! *blows kiss*

ahem... moving on. 

i'm homeschooled but i wasn't always. i love RTMS and hopefully i can go to Northview when i move back. (this is a very delicate subject so sorry if i don't want to linger on it too long) my friends are my life. i love you guys and before i start to get all mushy and crap i'm gonna try to end this post and try to work on chapter 7 of "Bloodstains".

Writer's block is a bitch.

ok, so that's all i have to say, y'all peeps are cool and all but i think this post is long enough.

(.   .)O"
c(") (")  Jenny

Dis is Cherry hacking Jenny Pak's LJ >D lol im making jenny a LJ bc i wanted to xD things are still in process of getting worked out and i kno the layouts all messed up right now. im trying to get the coding to work. so ull have to wait a little. sry ^^;;


-sigh- got a layout to work. originally the layout was supposed to be more emo to suit the username but #^#%@ S1 coding h8s me. and i h8 it back! ha! yea....dont mind that ><;; so i had to use this cutesy one xDDD

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